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Wireless TV Speakers by AudioFox

Personal Volume Control with Wireless Speakers for TV!

A Wireless TV Speaker System for the Hard of Hearing

Does this sound familiar: You already know what’s playing on the television because you can hear it from a room or two away. Or when visiting your parents, you need to ring the bell two or three times because they can’t hear it over the television. Once inside, is it impossible to visit because of the volume?

For those living with someone with a hearing problem, it’s a daily fact of life. It can be distracting when trying to read a book, do some crafting, or even watching the same TV show. But sitting three feet away from the TV speakers isn’t a comfortable compromise and turning the den into a home theater system can be a costly solution.

The Audio Fox Answer

A bigger and better speaker system isn’t going to solve the problem. But the personalized listening experience of an Audio Fox Wireless TV Speaker System will. If you, your spouse, or someone else in the household is hard of hearing, this is a great way to deliver high sound quality that allows everyone else to listen to at their own sound level.

From now on, you’ll be watching movies on that flat-screen TV that delivers a gorgeous picture at two different volumes. Our wireless TV speaker systems deliver a high-quality digital sound tuned to pick up sound frequencies most common with hearing loss. The best part is, the sound system is nearly unnoticeable.

Minimal Gear, Minimal Hassle

Worried about having to keep track of yet another remote control? The volume control and the power button are found on one of the speakers, meaning you can adjust the sound when those extra-loud commercials come on without having to reach for a remote. Audio Fox also makes hidden "Undercover" speakers that blend in with the furniture.

The box that makes it all possible isn’t much bigger than a remote and can be hidden behind the TV. And, of course, our speakers use wireless technology so there are no unsightly wires to deal with. All you’ll need is a digital optical cable or RCA/Coax cable to hook up to the tv - all of which is included along with easy to follow instructions.

Keep The Peace

Do you manage an assisted living facility, adult foster home, or retirement center? Then you’ve heard the complaints from your residents. The community room TV is too loud! Or the person in the room next to me needs to turn down the television!

Our headphones are the ideal solution to keep every resident happy, at least when it comes to the volume of their favorite shows and movies. Your facility can once again be a place where seniors can live comfortably and quietly.

An Individual Experience

Whether it’s for your spouse, your parent, or yourself, the Audio Fox Wireless TV Speaker system makes a great gift. No longer will your TV be heard on another floor and the TV can even be muted and still deliver sound to the speakers. Everyone can hear what they want, when they want, at the volume they want.

The Audio Fox Wireless TV Speaker system will completely change the way you watch shows, movies, or even play video games. Interested in learning more? Read what some of our customers are saying or reach out to us if you have any questions.

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  • “Thanks to the Audio Fox, my wife and I can watch television and/or DVD movies together again. It is a wonderful system!”

    - Bud L. Boise, ID
  • “My husband watches TV downstairs directly below our living room, and I can usually hear the TV clearly through the floor. When he uses the Audio Fox, I can't even tell the TV is on!”

    - Sandy H. Yacolt, WA
  • “I've never been able to appreciate the stereo sound coming from the TV like I do now with the Audio Fox.”

    - Ron E. Panoa, TX
  • “Thanks to the Audio Fox, my wife and I can watch television and/or DVD movies together again. It is a wonderful system!”

    - Steve L. Boise, ID

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