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Audio Fox Wireless Speakers for TV is the Answer to His Loud Television


Let’s see if we can paint this picture accurately. You sit down with your husband for a nice quiet evening watching a movie you’ve both finally agreed on. It starts and he immediately grabs the remote and adds 50% to the volume level because that’s the only way he can hear what the actors are saying.

No wait, you’re on the phone with your out-of-state sister trying to have a nice conversation and the cheering crowd and obnoxious announcers blaring through the house from your husband’s football game are competing with your sister’s story about their wonderful family vacation.

Shall I continue, or do you know where I’m going? Of course this is a common problem otherwise there wouldn’t be as many wireless speakers for TV on the market today. Wireless headphones, sound bars, speaker boxes, fill the pages of google when you look.

But wait a minute. He won’t wear headphones because they’re isolating and make his ears sweat, the sound bar sounds better but is turned up just as loud, and the speaker box on the end table is ugly and is always being used as a coaster.

There is one product that we haven’t mentioned though, and that is the Audio Fox. The Audio Fox is a set of wireless speakers for TV attached to Steel straps wrapped in vinyl that grip the back of your chair or bed, delivering the digital sound right to your ears. It is the only product that gets the sound this close to the user without requiring headphones.

Like to occasionally have complete silence in the room? Audio Fox still has you covered with a headphone jack for optional use.