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the american flagSound Product Solutions or AudioFox is a family owned and operated company located in Vancouver, Washington. It was formed by Rex Clark with his wife and sons for the sole purpose of developing a line of products for those with loss of hearing, and for those who want a wireless surround sound-like experience.
Television, music, and other media are an increasing part of modern day life and Rex realized the importance of a product like Audio Fox when he watched loved ones struggle with hearing problems. He noticed that the only TV hearing aids available were wireless tv headphones, and they were uncomfortable and isolating.
He was determined to develop a comfortable alternative. The result is a unique wireless speaker system for tv called the Audio Fox. It's specifically designed to provide focused, crystal clear audio in a convenient and comfortable manner to those who need a little help.
Our expanding line of useful and attractive products helps those with hearing loss live normal lives, and it's this commitment that drives our company each day.
With over 50 years of combined experience as small business owners we can clearly state our commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you for your interest in our products.

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