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AudioFox Wireless Speaker Reviews


See some reviews from the web about the AudioFox Wireless TV Speaker.


  1. First regarding setup: If your TV is at all new, or if you want to hook the transmitter up to your iMac computer now and then, buy an optical audio cable with your purchase, so you don't have to go out and get it when you have tried everything else. In the setup material it says this digital optical cable is a certain type which looked like a brand name, but we got one from GE at a box store and it works great. I was concerned that it would interfere with our wireless computer network, but there was no problem in the least. 
  2. I too had thought that not being able to set the volume differently for each ear would be a problem, but not at all! As with most folks, my hearing varies during the day, and all I do is set the volume I like for one ear and then move the receiver either closer to or farther from the other ear. Perfect. I have also found that moving where the speakers are vertically can also make a difference. All in all, separately adjustable ear speakers would be a waste of money and add nothing. I also like the one push button to mute both my speakers at once. If my spouse is watching, he doesn't have to listen to mine as well, and it also means with one button, we can mute everything to talk to each other or to answer the phone. 
  3. We not only are able to watch our TV, but we purchased discs of previously VERY hard to understand British murder mysteries and use the computer for the audio to the AudioFox speakers while mirroring our video onto our TV using an Apple TV device. For the first time, we watched Inspector Morse all the way through and neither one of us said, "What did he say?" even once!!! I think had we purchased a home theater system, which was an option we had considered, would only have made our hearing difficulties more frustrating, rather than less. 
  4. It would be very easy and simple to take other material to cover the straps to match couch pillows, say. I would also think that an open weave material over the speakers themselves would not diminish the sound. 
  5. We live in an apartment, and even with the dishwasher running, the ice maker humming, and the washer and dryer going, we can hear the TV great without having to turn up the speaker volumes to unconscionable levels. Also, when a third person watches with us, we are able to converse with that person who is listening to the volume on our TV where we set it for them. Otherwise, when we are by ourselves, all we do is mute the TV itself completely. I can watch at night with the bedroom door open and my sleeping spouse is no longer disturbed in the least. 
  6. I was in a class at a Center for Creative Retirement regarding living with hearing loss. A lot of people had tried a lot of things to hear TV better. This definitely is the best and most versatile of all the possibilities anyone in the group came up with, especially since it will plug into the headphone port on the back of the computer as well. 
  7. Before I purchased, I had questions and made the call. This small business is American and family-owned and -run and we are also glad we could patronize someone with ingenuity who looked hard to solve a problem in this unique way. 

I highly recommend this product.

--Review from N. Curtis

Solution to the Sound Pollution

Grandma moved in and we all found ourselves yelling over her good friend, the TV. After a couple days and hoarse voices, we had to find a solution. I always research new purchases and look at reviews to find the best items for our situations. I looked at headsets and quickly realized they would cure the noise level from the TV but would exclude Grandma from communication with the family and feel uncomfortable with extensive use. When I stumbled across the Audio Fox speakers, I was tentative but hopeful.

The speakers are GREAT. Easy to install in just a few minutes. The sound can be adjusted between the TV and speakers so everyone is happy. The clarity is excellent. Grandma can participate in conversation in the room and no need to wear a headset. We all have our voices back and my Grandson loves the opportunity to experience the surround sound when Great Grandma's chair is free for a few minutes. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate the quiet also.

Excellent product. I highly recommend it.

--Review from Hoarse.

AudioFox is Awesome!

If you are reading this, then you must know what it is like to have the TV so loud that you can't think. Once this product arrived, the atmosphere in my home changed. No longer is everyone trying to talk over the television. It was simple to install and the change was immediate. My husband and I both love this product and would recommend it again and again. Thank you Audio Fox for restoring peace and calm back into my home!

--Review from Debb