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Liberating Alternative to TV Headphones


Alternative to TV HeadphonesDo you ever wish that you had a better alternative to TV headphones? They are uncomfortable, they hurt your ears, and they shut you out from your family. All you want is to hear your TV at a volume that works for you without being too loud for others in the room. You should not have to suffer isolation and discomfort just to hear your TV!

Conventional earbuds or headphones let you hear the TV, but at what cost? Your ears are plugged, uncomfortable, hot and sweaty, and you can’t even hear your spouse asking you what you want for dinner or your kids calling you on the phone to say hi. By now you’re probably thinking, “gee, I sure wish there was an alternative to TV headphones that solved these problems.” Look no further, the Audio Fox is here for you!

The Audio Fox is a revolutionary new speaker system that is designed for maximum comfort and sound quality while still letting you interact with others in the room. Your Audio Fox wireless TV speakers sit conveniently on the back of your favorite armchair and have tilted speakers that ensure that the sound is brought right to your ears without disturbing others. The volume and mute buttons on the left speaker give you personal volume control at your fingertips. The open design of the speakers let you hear doorbells and phones ring, keep your ears comfortable, and let you talk with your loved ones all while hearing what’s on TV.

There are a few key reasons why the Audio Fox is the best alternative to TV headphones. One, your ears are free from uncomfortable, isolating headphones that plug your ears and hurt to wear. Two, you can hear the TV clearly without drowning out other people in the room. And three, you can answer the phone, hear the doorbell, or have a conversation with your spouse, all while still being able to hear the television. The Audio Fox is convenient, comfortable, and the clear choice for personal volume control as a better alternative to TV headphones.

The Audio Fox is made in the U.S.A. by a retired businessman that grew up watching his father turn up the TV so loud that no one else could be in the same room. This quality American product is available to you with free shipping for only $249.95. The system is easy to install with a simple box that plugs into the back of your TV, and is wireless so it can be kept out of the way without cluttering up your living room. Audio Fox speakers are available in four colors: Black, Grey, Dark Brown, and Tan.

So if you or a loved one want to hear your TV comfortably and clearly without the discomfort and inconveniences of headphones, the Audio Fox is the speaker for you!