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Need Wireless Speakers for TV?


Lots of people have trouble hearing the TV as they get older. You need more volume but don't want to blast the whole house with noise.  One solution is to get some headphones with a really long cord but then you're effectively tethered to your TV. If you've ever tried to walk to the kitchen, forgetting about your headphones, you know you can easily pull your TV or stereo system off it's stand which can be both dangerous and expensive.

Fortunately, we have another solution... the Wireless TV Speakers. No longer do you have to be careful with a tether. With the Audiofox you can have personal speakers just for yourself, right where you listen and not even NEED headphones!

All you have to do is attach it to your audio system or tv audio output. Setup the AudioFox Speakers on the back of your favorite chair. Turn up the volume to the perfect level and sit back and enjoy the game.