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Personal Surround Sound for Gamers


Video game graphics and sounds are improving quickly so why not view and hear them on the best technology available? Audio Fox is your new personal surround sound turning your gaming session into an unforgettable experience. The unique wireless speaker system is designed to provide focused, crystal clear audio in a convenient and comfortable manner. The pair of speakers grip the back of a chair, bed or couch and deliver sound directly but safely to your ears. The volume control is situated right on the speakers and the sound does not disturb those around you, it is personal surround sound at your fingertips. Audio Fox is available in four basic colors and is very easy to use. The speakers can also be used with tablets, iPods and computers for all your gaming needs. Audio Fox is a dream for parents of young gamers as well! No more battle explosion sounds bursting out of their bedrooms and no more having to leave the room when they want to play Mario Cart. You can easily read a book or have a conversation in peace in the same room! This personal surround sound system is changing the way kids play and parents stay sane.