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Remote Speakers for TV Make all the Difference


Constantly fighting your spouse on the TV Volume? Everyone hears things differently and you might just not hear it as well as him or her. You can keep trying to convince your spouse to crank it up or you can live in peace with the AudioFox Remote Speakers for TV.

The Audiofox is easy to install in minutes. Just plug it into your TV or stereo, and place the unit on the back of your favorite chair. You'll be able to adjust the volume to a level you can enjoy and your spouse can keep the volume at whatever level suits them too. Peace has returned to the land!

Like to watch TV when they're trying to snooze? Consider picking up some headphones to go with your Audiofox too and you can plug in for discreet listening at night. You no longer have to fight for volume. You can enjoy your TV once again.