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Study shows 1 in 3 say Hearing Loss Has Caused Arguments with Family, Wireless TV Speakers Can Help


"Honey, can you please turn the TV down?" Sound familiar? If you're one of the estimated 35 million Americans with hearing loss, it probably does.

Coping with hearing loss can be frustrating, often leaving people feeling isolated and self-conscious. It only makes matters worse when it affects others around you. Having to ask people to repeat themselves, making people feel you are ignoring them, or blasting them out of the room with a loud television.

In fact, according to a survey released by HearingDirect.com, a third of the 1,000 people surveyed with hearing loss said that their inability to hear properly had led to arguments with family. In addition, one in 16 said their partner had even threatened to leave or divorce them unless they got their hearing sorted out.

The problem was that many people were "in denial", the study suggested. Those experiencing it are reluctant to get help, and don't want the perceived stigma of wearing hearing aids.

If your hearing loss is having a significantly negative impact on your life and your loved ones, medical attention should be sought out. If however your loss is not that severe, there are several easy things you can do to cope with hearing loss before consulting with an audiologist.

The two main considerations are noise and distance.

While at home try to eliminate background noise such as the TV, radio, and ask children to play in another room when you wish to carry on a conversation.

Distance is often dictated by the layout of furniture, which is one thing you have control of in your own home. Use it to your advantage when possible. There's no reason your chair has to be the farthest away from the TV, or that you can't use additional means to boost the sound. The Audio Fox pictured in this article is a design that allows for that boost without having to be isolated with headphones or wires. It is truly wireless TV speakers with “no strings attached.”

The bottom line is that if you struggle with hearing loss there are many ways to minimize the frustration, wireless TV speakers to assist you such as the Audio Fox, and many people who will support you and help with the lifestyle changes necessary to continue life as normal.

Below is a success story about how Audio Fox has helped with this struggle:

"I noticed a definite improvement in my listening capabilities & enjoyment, as did my wife who was able to read her book in the same room."

Bill J. Vancouver, WA