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Haven’t Tried Audio Fox? Check Out This Alternative to TV Headphones!

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Have you ever found yourself consistently turning up the volume of the TV due to doors opening and shutting, people coming in and out of the room while chatting loudly, or because someone has decided to set up shop in a nearby chair and watch their own YouTube video? Struggle no more, and let me introduce you to Audio Fox. This game-changing product, invented by a retired businessman in the US who had experience with a family member and a loud TV, has added a special touch of comfort to TV watching, brought to you from his very own home.

The Audio Fox is a wireless TV speaker that allows the user to adjust the volume to a comfortable range to always be able to hear what is happening on the screen. Because of Audio Fox technology, there are two speakers on either side of your head, connected by a band and controlled by an easy-to-use volume control that does not need batteries to work. This efficient system promotes improved relationships and can be the perfect gift for seniors! This product is an alternative to TV headphones and comes in four colors: black, brown, gray, and tan. This way, you can customize your Audio Fox to your liking. In addition, you can also go incognito with your wireless TV listening device by ordering the “Undercover” Audio Fox that is encased in high-quality cushioned fabric with a remote that can be tethered to the headrest, decreasing the risk of losing it; this Audio Fox allows for discretion and enhanced TV listening.

The Audio Fox is a great option for those that are hard of hearing and tend to blare the TV, causing others to constantly have to listen to whatever is on the TV. This fantastic alternative to TV headphones allows you to take control of your relaxation today, and the relaxation of members of your household! This product also makes a great gift for the elderly in your life. Call 1-888-553-7898 today and order your first Audio Fox!

What is the Audio Fox Wireless TV Listening Device?

Audio Fox is the creation of Rex Clark, who with his wife and sons, formed Sound Product Solutions LLC, sole marketer of a wireless TV listening device for those with loss of hearing and those who want a wireless surround sound-like experience. Involved in the plastics manufacturing industry for more than thirty years, Rex realized the need for a product like Audio [...]

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Exciting New Partnership for Audio Fox, Manufacturer of Wireless TV Speakers, and Retailer eTailz

            Audio Fox, a manufacturer of highly-rated wireless TV speakers made in the USA, announced recently its partnership with eTailz, a major technology retailer and top Amazon merchant. The retail company is the 12th fastest-growing company in Washington State and is sure to be a beneficial partner for Audio Fox during its own growth period. [...]

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Wireless TV Speakers for Those Not Ready to Admit They Have a Hearing Problem

Don't you hate it when you're in a noisy restaurant trying to visit with friends, and it seems like you're the only one who can't hear what others are saying? Or how about when you're watching a movie at home, and you have to continually ask [...]

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Personal Surround Sound for Gamers

Video game graphics and sounds are improving quickly so why not view and hear them on the best technology available? Audio Fox is your new personal surround sound turning your gaming session into an unforgettable experience. The unique wireless speaker system is designed to provide focused, crystal clear audio in a convenient and comfortable manner. The pair of speakers grip [...]

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Study shows 1 in 3 say Hearing Loss Has Caused Arguments with Family, Wireless TV Speakers Can Help

"Honey, can you please turn the TV down?" Sound familiar? If you're one of the estimated 35 million Americans with hearing loss, it probably does. Coping with hearing loss can be frustrating, often leaving people feeling isolated and self-conscious. It only makes matters worse when it affects others around you. Having to ask people to repeat themselves, making people [...]

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Personal Volume Control Like No Other

Wireless headphones for TV are nice for listening to your favorite show at your own volume level, but the disadvantage is that they isolate you from others and deny you from hearing what's going on around you. There's a product on the market called the Audio Fox. It gives you the best of both worlds. You can hear that explosive battle [...]

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Sound Product Solutions Partners with Cyber Acoustics

Sound Product Solutions (SPS) has partnered with Cyber Acoustics to offer headphones as an accessory to their wireless tv speaker system. SPS is the owner of the Audio Fox, a system designed to give people hard of hearing the ability to have personal volume control with using headphones. As part of their continuous improvement philosophy [...]

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