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A Useful Father’s Day Gift

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Every June, people across the nation take time to thank their fathers for all of the hard work they’ve done. But how can you thank someone for so much, when he won’t even tell you what he wants? Everyone has a dad or a granddad in their life that refuses to ask for anything to be given to them, and only spend their money on things that they will use every day. You can only gift them picture frames and coffee mugs that say “World’s Best Dad” for so long before it starts to feel uninspired and repetitive. Fear not, for there is a Father’s Day gift that is sure to be used every day by the father-figure in your life, and will let him know that he is appreciated: The Audio Fox is the perfect Father’s Day gift to give your dad something he will love, and improve the quality of life in your household.

There’s always that one family member with older ears that needs the TV up to 100 just to hear their show. Created by a man that grew up dealing with the overbearing TV volume that his own father subjected the rest of the house to, the Audio Fox is here to solve that problem for fathers and their families everywhere. These wireless speakers rest on the back of his favorite chair and deliver the sound right to him, without disturbing anyone else in the room! The Audio Fox is bound to improve your father’s TV listening experience, and improve the quality of life at home for everyone else. This is a great Father’s Day gift because it also serves as a gift to everyone else in the house, and makes it easier for them to be in the room while the TV is on. Did I mention it’s made in America? For a slimmer, more discreet look, try the Audio Fox Undercover.