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Choosing the Right Wireless TV Speaker


Wireless TV speakers are a great way to get a higher quality sound for your TV-watching experience. When it comes to choosing one for your home, there are several different options. Some may choose to use a sound bar, placed on a table or in front of the TV. Some may use headphones, for a more personal sound experience that doesn’t lead to fighting over volume levels. But sound bars don’t allow personal sound control, and headphones are isolating to everything going on around the user, and become uncomfortable after long periods of use. There seems to be no best answer, that is, until, we look at the Audio Fox.

Audio Fox answers all of your wireless TV speaker needs by providing a comfortable, personal, and high-quality alternative to other wireless speakers on the market. The Audio Fox rests on your favorite chair, positioning two angled speakers at ear-level to provide you with personal sound control that won’t bother anyone else in the room. Audio Fox is designed to allow more freedom and comfort for the listener by resting on the chair. This lets the user get up, move around, and even talk with others in the room without needing to remove or adjust the speakers. And with volume control buttons conveniently built into the speaker, you can set the sound right where you want it without searching for the remote or getting up.

Don’t settle for a wireless speaker that will still waste your time with fights over volume levels in the room. Don’t settle for headphones that will hurt your ears and make them sweat. The Audio Fox is made in America, and designed with all TV viewers in mind. For a comfortable, personal, high-quality wireless TV speaker, choose the Audio Fox.