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Exciting New Partnership for Audio Fox, Manufacturer of Wireless TV Speakers, and Retailer eTailz

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Audio Fox, a manufacturer of highly-rated wireless TV speakers made in the USA, announced recently its partnership with eTailz, a major technology retailer and top Amazon merchant. The retail company is the 12th fastest-growing company in Washington State and is sure to be a beneficial partner for Audio Fox during its own growth period. Audio Fox introduced an innovative design of wireless TV speakers to the market and has already provided relief to hundreds of people who suffer from hearing loss. The wireless TV speakers are made for those who want personal volume control when watching TV but do not want the restrictions of headphones. The new partnership is expected to increase sales and awareness for both participating companies.

In an interview with GeekWire, the CEO of eTailz, Josh Neblett, described his company as a simple but complex retailer.

"We essentially find and curate really cool products and sell them online. But the way we do it with the level of technology, data, software and all the complexities is what makes us unique. We are one of Amazon’s biggest merchants and biggest partners, and so that allows us to focus on the supplier, curating products, building software and building technology, and less on customer acquisition as you would as a standard retailer.”

Audio Fox has been expanding their marketing efforts for their wireless TV speakers with recent advertisements in various electronic product catalogs and on The Blaze, a popular news and entertainment TV and radio network founded by Glenn Beck. You may find more information about these companies at www.audiofox.com and www.etailz.com.


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