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TV Speakers for hard of hearing


audio-fox-man.jpg Having trouble hearing is one of the most frustrating things that many of us have to learn to live with as we grow older. Hearing everyone speak in what sounds like a mumble, having trouble sorting out the noise in a busy restaurant, or trying to listen to the game with your buddies over can be difficult.

Those that are hearing impaired do not have a lot of options on the market when it comes to a product that will help them watch TV any easier. Any variant of headphones will be uncomfortable after long periods of use - either earbuds will make your ears sore, or cupped headphones will make that area sweaty and uncomfortable.

There’s another problem, too - headphones block you off from the outside world. Users can’t hear the doorbell and they are oblivious to someone trying to get their attention from another room. For these reasons, wireless headphones seem to be all too problematic, and hardly worth using.

Hearing aids can help in many situations but even then sometimes you feel like turning them off because you just end up with too much background noise in a busy environment, rather than the RIGHT noise. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution for all situations. There are, however, TV speaker options for people hard of hearing!

Watch Your Shows at Your Volume

Imagine having your own personal sound system without having to blast the whole room with sound from the tv. No more keeping others awake as you try to listen to a late-night movie. Setting the volume for your tastes while allowing others in the room to listen at their levels.

The Audio Fox system is a set of TV audio speakers for hard of hearing folks that does away with all of the issues where past products have tried and failed. By resting on the back of the user’s chair and tilting two speakers inwards towards the listener’s ears, Audio Fox does not need to come into contact with the user’s ears at all.

That means no more sore or sweaty ears! The innovative open-speaker design of Audio Fox allows the user to hear the TV set clearly while still being aware of surrounding noises. By tilting the speakers inward, Audio Fox delivers stereo sound only to the user. This way, people hard of hearing can have the sound of the television brought directly to them, without disturbing anyone else.

Too often, those that can’t hear the TV well enough crank up the volume to insane levels, driving everyone else out of the room. Audio Fox was invented by a man that grew up with that very problem in his family, and now he has created a product that does something to solve it. Audio Fox keeps the family connected, and ends fights over the TV volume without sacrificing sound quality.

In a search for the perfect wireless TV speakers for hard of hearing people, Audio Fox stands out in its freedom, comfort, and user-friendly design. The AudioFox TV Speakers easily connect to the TV sound system audio outputs and fit right onto your favorite chair.

Small speakers with volume controls are positioned close to your head. This gives you the TV volume you need, without cranking up the TV so loud the neighbors can hear it. Your buddies can watch the game normally and you'll get the volume you need. So grab your AudioFox and some nachos. It's game time!