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TV Speakers for the Hard of Hearing


Having trouble hearing is one of the most frustrating things that many of us have to learn to live with as we grow older. Hearing everyone speak in what sounds like a mumble, having trouble sorting out noise in a busy restaurant, or trying to listen to the game with your buddies over can be a lot more difficult than it used to be when you're hard of hearing.

Hearing aids can help in many situations but even then sometimes you feel like turning them off because you just end up with too much noise in a busy environment, rather than the RIGHT noise. There is no perfect solution for all situations but we can help you watch the game in style by boosting the TV volume for you, and not have to blast the whole room with sound... with the AudioFox TV Speakers for the hard of hearing.

The AudioFox TV Speakers plug into your TV or sound system and fit right onto your favorite chair. Small speakers positioned close to your head give you the TV volume you need, without cranking up the TV so loud the neighbors can hear it. Your buddies can watch the game normally and you'll get the volume you need. So grab your AudioFox and some nachos. It's game time!