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What is the Audio Fox Wireless TV Listening Device?


Audio Fox is the creation of Rex Clark, who with his wife and sons, formed Sound Product Solutions LLC, sole marketer of a wireless TV listening device for those with loss of hearing and those who want a wireless surround sound-like experience. Involved in the plastics manufacturing industry for more than thirty years, Rex realized the need for a product like Audio Fox when he watched the loved ones in his life endure hearing challenges. Television, music, and other media are so much a part of our lives these days that Rex felt a device that solved volume needs without being intrusive was a must.

The result is the only wireless TV listening device like it on the market today. It's specifically designed to give you personal volume control with a distinct advantage over wireless TV headphones: no discomfort or isolation while you're trying to relax with others. The Audio Fox is a complete solution for those with loss of hearing or those who just prefer a different volume level to those around them. It is your own personal volume control without having to use headphones for TV!

The Audio Fox wireless TV listening device consists of a pair of wireless stereo speakers attached to vinyl wrapped steel straps that gently grip the back of your chair, bed, or couch. There's nothing to wear or restrict you. The wireless TV speakers are tilted to deliver crystal clear sound directly to your ears, creating an envelope of sound around you. The volume control and mute buttons are mounted on the speaker right next to your head for convenience. It is the only product that gets the sound this close to the user without requiring headphones.

The sound travels from the TV to the speakers using a wireless transmitter which easily plugs into your TV. Everything you need is provided including the wireless transmitter and the necessary cables. The cables and transmitter can be easily hidden and because it uses wireless technology, there are no wires between your TV and the speakers. It uses an FM (wireless) signal. Line of sight between the transmitter and receiver is not required, unlike most wireless headphones for TV, which require direct line of sight.

The latest release of this wireless TV listening device includes a headphone jack as well for optional use, for those times when you need complete room silence.