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Wireless TV Speakers for Those Not Ready to Admit They Have a Hearing Problem


Don't you hate it when you're in a noisy restaurant trying to visit with friends, and it seems like you're the only one who can't hear what others are saying? Or how about when you're watching a movie at home, and you have to continually ask "What did they say?” If you know your hearing isn't what it should be, but aren't ready to admit you have a hearing problem or still think your hearing loss is manageable, there are alternatives to full blown hearing aids.

There are lots of gadgets and techniques out there to help you deal with your hearing problem. Everything from amplified phones, vibrating alarm clocks, tv listening devices, and yes, those ultra-expensive, go see a doctor and get fitted, hearing aids are options for your struggles through a hearing problem.

When it comes to watching tv the choices have been few. If you've had difficulty hearing your favorite show you either crank it up, turn on the closed captioning, or buy a set of isolating headphones. However, there's a new kid on the block now.

The Audio Fox is a never-before-seen design of wireless TV speakers that was developed and patented by a retired business man. He saw his mother suffer for years because his father would watch old Lawrence Welk reruns and the Pro Rodeo circuit at ear splitting levels, often forcing her out of the room.

The product is a wireless tv speakers system that does not require line of sight. The speakers are tilted toward you to deliver targeted sound in digital stereo, and are attached to vinyl coated steel straps that grip the back of your chair or couch allowing you to position the sound as close as you want. This new design allows you to get the volume boost you want and still hear ambient noises such as conversation, a ringing phone, or a doorbell. At the same time, others in the room can leave the television sound at a level comfortable to them.

One speaker on the Audio Fox has a volume control and mute button mounted directly into its housing which controls both speakers on the wireless TV speaker system. It's capable of receiving any audio signal transmitted from your television's audio out port, as well as the signal from any iPod, Zune, or other electronic listening device, and its receiver is located behind the chair, a safe distance away.

So if you're not ready for that audiology consultation, or ready to lay down $1,500 or more for a set of hearing aids, at $249.95, the Audio Fox wireless TV speakers might be just what you need.

If you're still watching Lawrence Welk, well, maybe you just need to get out more.