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armchair wireless tv speakers

Armchair Wireless TV Speakers

The Audio Fox couch or armchair wireless tv speakers were designed to help those hard of hearing listen to their favorite shows without bothering others in the room - or next room! These TV speakers for hard of hearing folks will allow the user to set the volume as loud as they want while the TV, sound bar, or home theater system is left at more acceptable levels.

Other TV speakers for the elderly or other hard of hearing TV devices can be bulky or require wires running along the floor. With the Audio Fox wireless TV speakers for the hearing impaired, that is not an issue. They fit easily over the back of a chair or couch and only use a small transmitter located near the TV.

If you already have an Audio Fox system but are experiencing problems, consult this list of frequently asked questions:

Can you adjust the TV volume separate from the Audio Fox?

Yes. The speaker for TV volume will work independently from the Audio Fox volume. That way you can listen at one volume with the speakers and everyone else can listen to the volume they prefer.

I can only get a fast clicking sound out of my speakers. How do I fix that? 

The fast-clicking sound accompanied by static is caused by your TV broadcasting in Dolby. Here are a few things to try:

1. If your tv has a red and white analog output you can plug into that, which should solve the problem.

2. You may have an option to turn Dolby off in your television sound settings. If you see an option to turn Dolby off or switch to PCM sound, that should solve the problem as well.

3. If you are experiencing the noise while watching Netflix, you may have an option to turn Dolby off while the show is playing. Here is an excerpt from Netflix: 

Adjusting audio Alternate audio changes the language of the content you stream or changes your audio to 5.1 surround sound. These options are listed with the subtitle and caption options on the TV show or movie details page, and can also be viewed while the TV show or movie is playing. Alternate audio options include alternate languages, audio descriptions, and commentary for select titles and regions, where available. Learn more.

4. You can plug the Audio Fox transmitter into another sound source such as your satellite/cable box to bypass the Dolby Digital. 

5. If the digital optical cable or coax digital output is your only option, and are not able to turn Dolby off in your menu settings, you can purchase a dolby to analog audio converter to convert all audio signals to analog. 

My Audio Fox occasionally skips, dropping words out of the dialogue I’m listening to. How can I fix that? 

The skipping is likely caused by a wi-fi modem in your house. We recommend moving the transmitter box behind the television. There’s no cure-all position for this, and you will need to test several different positions to determine which one works best. Often positioning it in line-of-sight with the speakers will help. Other times setting it on its’ side improves the signal.

Another method that customers have been successful with is partially wrapping the transmitter in aluminum foil or placing the foil between the transmitter and modem. 

red and white audio ports on back of tvI plugged the red and white analog cable into the audio port on the back of the tv, but there’s no sound. 

You may have plugged the cable into your TV audio input, which does not output any audio signal. Make sure the port is labeled “Output”. 

I’m only getting sound from one speaker. How do I get the other speaker to work?

The wire connecting the two speakers together may not be fully connected. Check the connection. If that doesn’t work, you may have a bad red and white cable to the TV (if you’re using analog). Switch the two wires on one end of the cable and see if the other speaker starts working. If so, you’ll need a new red and white cable.

Another possibility is that the cable connecting the two speakers is plugged into the headphone jack, not the speaker jack. This will turn the left speaker off.

Can I buy an Audio Fox now and purchase additional speakers later? 

No. The transmitter and receiver are paired at the factory and cannot be purchased separately without being paired first. If you have already purchased a unit and would like to add another set of speakers, you will need to send the unit in and have the additional speakers paired with your original unit. 

Can I plug the transmitter into my cable or satellite box?

Yes. The Audio Fox will work with any device that has an audio out port. That includes your satellite/cable box, DVD player, soundbar for tv and even your mobile device if you have a headphone to RCA adapter.

Both lights are on and solid, but I have no sound or poor sound quality from speakers. What should I try? 

Often a reboot of the system can solve this problem. If your device has experienced a power surge or a temporary disruption in connection, the communication between the transmitter and receiver can be lost. Simply unplug both devices and plug them back in to reset communication. Occasionally this will need to be done two or three times for them to recognize each other again.

Here are some other things to try:

  • Check the audio cord connections between the television and the Audi Fox transmitter.

  • Using your remote control, find the settings for your TV, then the setting for audio. If your audio format is set to Dolby, switch it to PCM or another audio format. Make sure the audio out port is turned on as well.

  • Try connecting the Audio Fox transmitter to the audio out port on the back of either your satellite/cable box or wireless home theater surround sound system.

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