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Sound Product Solutions Partners with Cyber Acoustics


Audio Fox Wireless Speaker for TV

Sound Product Solutions (SPS) has partnered with Cyber Acoustics to offer headphones as an accessory to their wireless tv speaker system. SPS is the owner of the Audio Fox, a system designed to give people hard of hearing the ability to have personal volume control with using headphones. As part of their continuous improvement philosophy however, the newest release of the Audio Fox comes with a headphone jack located in the receiver behind the user's chair or bed. "The idea behind the improvement is to give people the option of using headphones when they need the room completely silent. and we're excited to have access to Cyber Acoustic's quality line of products." says Rich Clark, a managing owner.

Cyber Acoustics is a leading supplier of speakers, headsets, headphones, microphones, and tablet cases for personal, OEM, and educational use worldwide. SPS has a developing line of wireless products for the hard of hearing segment, and has recently added Harris Communications, Oak Tree Products, and WestOne, all suppliers to the audiology industry, to their list of distributors. Both companies are based in Vancouver, Washington.