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Need some accessories for your AudioFox? We have you covered! Whether you need a new transformer, longer cables, or splitters for your system, we have it all right here.

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  • YWC Foldable Headphones
    YWC Foldable Headphones
    The YWC E29 deluxe stereo headphone houses 40mm dynamic drivers, so your television or music sounds crisper and smoother than ever. Plug them directly into the Audio Fox receiver behind your chair and use the YWC E29's...
  • Audio Fox Undercover Remote
    Replacement Remote Control for Undercover Audio Fox
    Lose your remote? Purchase this product if you need a replacement remote for Undercover Audio Fox. Will not work with the original Audio Fox.
  • 12VDC 500MA Transformer
    12VDC 500MA Transformer
    Transformer (Adapter) for use with Audio Fox Wireless TV Speakers. 2.5/5.5mm connector, 60" long.
  • Optical Splitter
    Optical Splitter
    Need to connect two devices to the Optical output of your television? You need the optical splitter!
  • Headphone to RCA Adaptor
    Headphone to RCA Adaptor
    For connecting your AudioFox Wireless TV Speakers system to an RCA headphone jack (3.5mm x 36”)
  • DC Power Extension Cable
    DC Power Extension Cable
    DC Power Extension Cable for your AudioFox Wireless TV Speakers system.
  • RCA / COAX Audio Splitter
    RCA / COAX Audio Splitter
    One required to split coax audio signal, two required to split analog signal for your AudioFox wireless television speaker...
  • Optical Audio Cable
    Optical Audio Cable
    Required if you only have optical audio. 3 ft long.

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