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  • Audio Fox has been one of the fairest, most responsive, and credible companies I have ever dealt with. I discovered them on the internet and tried their product a bit reluctantly because of my only contact being on-line. Thereafter, I had all my fears put to rest, they are a real pleasure to work with.

           L. Lawler, Boulder, CO

  • Just purchased a system for my husband who has Singlesided deafness due to a cranial tumor removed earlier this year. Took less than 5 minutes to "install" SUPER EASY, sound quality is GREAT! Love the volume controls and headphone access availability.... the speakers work even when the TV itself is muted. I myself am so happy with no longer having a blaring TV set in the house.... peaceful! I only wish we had found these before spending money on "cheaper" but less efficient systems. This system is THE BEST! Thank You!

          D.Cotton, Villages, FL

  •  I just want to let you know that my Dad and Mom really love the tv speakers I got for them.  They are 83 years old; my dad's very hard of hearing so the television was always turned up so loud that no one wanted to go over there to visit.  And if we did, Dad would get extremely upset if we talked.  The louder we got (so we could hear each other over the TV), the louder he would turn the TV up.  My poor Mom.

    Now she’s reported to me several times that he really likes the speakers.  The sound is very clear, he can hear everything that’s being said, and the background noise in the house doesn’t bother him anymore.

    Thank you very much.  I hope you’re successful with this wonderful product.

          Barbara K. Spring, TX
  • "This product is exactly as advertised. The set-up was easy (it actually has optical audio support, very cool!) and 6 weeks into use it's everything it serves exactly what it wanted to for."
          Chance C. Fort Myers, FL
  • "Outstanding it made my Mom very happy . Her hearing is still good but sometime the back ground music gets mixed up with the voice. But with these speakers its amazing like they are in control of the movie sound which makes the experience more enjoyable. Its the best and I enjoyed there customer service also very nice to deal with."
          Karate Rob, Leesburg, FL
  • "Excellent product, excellent shipping time! Couldn't be happier!"
          Shawnsquared, Brentwood, TN
  • "Amazing product ! Living in a 3 generation house, w/Grandma being hard of hearing, we were always having problems with the TV volume. Found these speakers online & loved that they are wireless and placed on the chair. Quick & easy to install, now can I sit next to Grandma and she can hear the TV perfectly, but I am not blown away by the volume. Very easy to operate. Everyone is happy - Thanks!"
          Patricia T. Portland, OR
  • "This is a QUALITY product which works beautifully! Have used earphones. didn't work for me..they're isolating/uncomfortable/eat batteries/stop working. Audio Fox (no batteries) very clear; individual sound level control not needed. Mute/level control very accessible. sound from speakers isn't distracting to others. Like fact they can be moved to other seating."
          Rita M. Thorndale, ON
  • "What a great product. I only wish I had known about them years ago. Well worth the price in my opinion. I can now watch television with my husband without wearing ear plugs or retelling him what the characters are saying. Awesome!!!"
          Pam B. Orrington, MN
  • "Thank you for your excellent service, I think that this has been the best service that I have ever received when buying things over the internet. The speakers are working fine and my mum loves them." 
          Robert G. Australia
  • "AudioFox has saved my sanity. My father who lives with me is extremely hard of hearing and will sit for hours watching old tv shows. The volume on the tv was so loud that I would have to take the phone outside in order to hear. There was no escape from the noise as I can't leave my father alone.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for saving my sanity and relieving all the stress. Both of us are VERY happy now!!!!"

          Therese W. Dallas, GA


  • "We've purchased one for my Husband, Mother, and Mother-In-Law now. It has quieted our house down quite a bit."

          Ethel I. Vancouver, WA


  • "Audiofox works just like advertised and even with my Father's memory problem he can turn it on and off and change the volume. We can all sit in the same room now!"

          Sherry C. Cumberland, RI


  • "Our family came to visit and really enjoyed not having to listen to what my Husband was watching!"

          Rosalie S. Vancouver, WA


  • "I gave one to my Mother and it has changed our relationship. For years she was isolated in her room when she wanted to watch television because she needed the volume so loud no one else could be around her, and she wouldn't wear headphones. We can now enjoy watching programs together. It has been the answer to her disability."

          Bonnie Bruce  Co-President Clark County WSRCC


  • "I was constantly being told to turn the TV down so I didn't wake our daughter or disturb my wife who may be reading or sleeping. Your product has totally solved our issue with me wanting to watch a game or show with some volume and not disturbing others."

          Wes M. Sherwood, OR


  • "I have been using my Audio Fox now for several weeks and I am pleased, very pleased with it. As I have grown older my hearing is not the best so I need more volume. This was often irritating to others watching with me. To solve this problem I would sit right next to the T.V. so I could hear at the lowered volume. But now with Audio Fox I can hear normal volume and I don't have to sit on top of the T.V. to hear it. This device has answered my problem of enjoying T.V. with others."

          Dr. Robert M. Vancouver, WA


  • "It was extremely easy to install and the sound quality was very good. I didn't have any interference or distortion from the speakers."

          Chris B., President of Audio Source Vancouver, WA


  • "(I keep ordering your product because) every-time I have friends over and they sit in my chair they want one."

          Dick K. Fresno, CA


  • "I have used Audio Fox and it really helped me hear TV very clearly. Sound quality was excellent. It was very much like using surround sound so it improved my TV watching experience."

          Doug W. Ridgefield, WA


  • "I've never been able to appreciate the stereo sound coming from the TV like I do now with the Audio Fox."

          Ron E. Panpa, TX


  • "I noticed a definite improvement in my listening capabilities & enjoyment, as did my wife who was able to read her book in the same room."

          Bill J. Vancouver, WA


  • "Over the years, my ability to hear certain frequencies has decreased, while my wife still has very good hearing. The disparity between us was beginning to be quite an irritation for both of us. My first attempt to solve the problem was to buy and use the "TV Ears" product. It helped, but I quickly identified some problems. Using TV Ears effectively isolates the user from other sounds, such as the telephone, the doorbell, and the various beeps and buzzes of other electronic devices. It makes conversation with anyone else in the room very difficult or impossible. Furthermore, the spring-loaded earplugs of the TV Ears rapidly become quite uncomfortable to the wearer.I'm happy to report that switching to the "Audio Fox" system solved all of those problems. Plus, the audio processor in the Fox is superior to that used in TV Ears. I found that I need very little extra volume simply because the sound reproduction is that much better than the television audio. The higher frequencies -- which I have the most trouble with -- are simply more "crisp", making them easier for me to understand. Thanks to the Audio Fox, my wife and I can watch television and/or DVD movies together again. It is a wonderful system!"

          Bud L. Boise, ID


  • "My husband watches TV downstairs directly below our living room, and I can usually hear the TV clearly through the floor. When he uses the Audio Fox, I can't even tell the TV is on!"

          Sandy H. Yacolt, WA


  • "I could turn the TV volume clear off, and still listen to the speakers without bothering anybody."

          Tom W. Vancouver, WA

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