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TV Headphones

For those that are hearing impaired, it’s often difficult to hear or understand what’s being said right in front of you. At the movies, a concert, or just enjoying dinner, all of the background noise can make holding a conversation or hearing the music almost impossible.

The same can be said at home when trying to watch the ball game or your favorite shows and movies. If the volume is at a comfortable level for everyone else, those hard of hearing TV listeners have to strain to hear or move closer to the TV.

ywc-foldable-headphones-audio-fox.jpgThe other option is to turn the TV volume up so loud that it can be heard from other rooms in the house. This makes it difficult to hear the doorbell, have a conversation with visitors, or for others to get some sleep. That’s where the Audio Fox Wireless TV system comes to the rescue!

A small box will hook up to your television and small speakers are draped over the back of the sofa, chair, or headboard. The user can listen to the volume that they want without affecting the TV speakers at all. Everyone can enjoy the TV at comfortable levels.

There are times when family members would like complete silence while doing homework or finishing up something from the office. The YWC E29 headphones will give the hard of hearing the ability to enjoy their shows while the rest of the room is silent. These headphones will work even if the TV settings are muted.

That’s because they hook directly into the Audio Fox system. It’s easy to do, too. Set up your Audio Fox assistive listening device as you normally would for watching TV. On the base of the wireless speakers for TV receiver will be a headphone jack.

Simply plug in your headphones, put them on, and you should be able to hear the TV with great sound quality. For those that have trouble hearing, the Audio Fox wireless tv speaker system is an ideal gift. They will have the freedom to set the volume controls so they can hear the TV without bothering anyone else.

The Audio Fox Wireless TV Speaker system will allow those people with hearing loss to listen to the TV at personalized levels. Have a family member that often listens to the TV too loud or complains they can’t hear the game? Does one spouse like to watch TV in bed while the other is trying to sleep.

Or do you operate an assisted living facility or health care home where half the residents seem to listen to their televisions all the way up, annoying the other residents? Consider the Audio Fox Wireless TV Headphone system. For even more “peace and quiet,” you might want to add a set of headphones.

This will allow your hard of hearing family members the ability to listen to their shows in complete comfort and silence - and keep everyone else from going crazy. For more information about our system, check out our frequently asked questions page or reach out to us.

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